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State Baskets

Each state and nation has unique characteristics. Please consider offering a basket to show off those special features! The State Basket auction gives your State, Club, or District an opportunity to showcase its unique characteristics. 50% of the proceeds will go to support the 2024 CCA National Specialty Show and 50% will be donated to Tuff Quest.

Suggestions for states, clubs, or districts donating a basket:

  • Please create a worthy basket that “anyone” would want to bid on. Add specific items pertinent to your state, avoiding excessive team sport items. You can have a theme or just a combination of desired items that anyone would love to have. The more items, the better.
  • We ask that nothing be perishable.
  • Please provide with your basket a detailed a list of its contents for prospective bidders.
  • This is not one person’s responsibility to donate a basket. District Directors – please reach out to your membership to help support this effort.
  • Please provide the name, state, and contact information of the person responsible for collecting and bringing the basket to the 2024 CCA National to
  • We would also like to create a massive chocolate basket. Whether or not your state provides a basket, we are asking all CCA members to bring any type of chocolate item to the State Basket table.

Baskets will be on display all week for bidding. Winners will be announced Saturday morning, April 6.

Questions? Contact Chairs Pat Toledano and Dianne Trost at