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Postponed until 2022 – Breed Education Seminar 2021

It is with sadness that I announce the postponement of the 2021 Breed Education seminar. In trying to plan for both state and AKC restriction regulations, not being able to predict the level of infection, and after considering the needs of the seminar for audience participation, we feel this is in the best interest of potential attendees. While we did consider the possibility of a virtual presentation, our speaker, Dr. Bell commented, “With the issues facing your breed and breeders in the past, present and future, an in-person seminar would be the best for your club. It provides for the most interaction and personalized presentation.”

Likewise, we will not be offering our annual ringside mentoring for the same state and AKC safety regulations rationale. We wish everyone well and look forward to seeing you in Cheyenne this April for our 2021 National, Welcome to Colliewood.   –   Patricia Caldwell

Postponed until  2022 – Judges Education Seminar

Due to COVID-19, the Judges Education Committee feels that close contact with attendees would not be prudent at this time because of the hands-on workshop and ringside mentoring that are important components of the seminar.