Ringside Seating


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Reserved seats are $45 for the entire week, including the Invitational. Reservations accepted January 15 – March 1.

ALL reservations received January 15 Р17 will be included in a drawing for prioritization. Reservations received January 18 and later will be processed on a first-come first-served basis.

For more information or to pay by check, please email Kathleen Krause & Cheryl Sulewski at seating@collieclubofamericanational.org

HANDICAPPED SEATING AREA: The Handicapped open area will be designated for individuals with special needs as an area to enjoy the National Specialty Show. There will be a designated area for wheelchair and scooter parking ONLY. The Handicapped area is not for standing room, grooming, or for individuals to set up their own seating. This area will be heavily monitored.

Out of stock



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