Mountain America Expo Center & SL County Equestrian Center.

Reservations may also be paid by check and mailed to Laurie Jeff Greer: Please download and fill out this RV Reservation form and return with your check.

Option 1 – Mountain America Expo Center – Move in Monday 3/28/2022 at 3:00 PM.

  • RV parking is free at the Expo
  • A signed RV/Overnight reservation form is required.
  • Parking space will be assigned AT THE SHOW.
  • Parking is on asphalt.
  • No electric, no water, no sewer (dry camping).
  • Generator only.
  • Bring ground cover for x-pens. If using sawdust or chips, must have plastic underneath and up the side of the pen so that sawdust/chips do not blow away. MUST be cleaned up at departure.
  • No waste dump station (we will try to find a honey wagon to come in during the week and at the campers expense) More information at a later date.
  • Handicap parking is available close to the building, but there are NO camping amenities (no electric, water, sewer). You need to send a copy of your handicapped license with your name on it. (No copies of placards will be accepted).

Arrangements have been made for conformation exhibitors to park their RVs at the Equestrian center, 6.1 Miles from Expo. The cost would be $70.00 per night with power, the Equestrian Center has 20 -amp, 30-amp, 50-amp service available. Water is also available to fill on board water tank, bring plenty of hoses to fill your tank. Water availability depends on weather.

Option 2 – SL County Equestrian Center – 6.1 miles from the Mountain America Expo Center.

  • Performance exhibitors may arrive no earlier than Thursday 3/24/2022.
  • Reserved: $70.00 per night with power.
  • Reserved: $40.00 per night no power.
  • Unreserved: $60.00 no power, $90.00 w/power.
  • Power: 20-amp, 30-amp, 50-amp.
  • Parking is on dirt (bring ground cover for ex pens).
  • Depending on weather there is water on site, you need to bring hoses to fill your tank.
  • There is no waste dump station. ABSOLUTELY no discharging of grey water or sewage. A honey wagon will be available mid-week at a designated time, at the campers expense.
  • No electrical cords can run across any roadway or fire lane.