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General Parking

Peoria Civic Center general day parking is free to attendees. However, later in the week a parking pass may be needed due to other events at the Civic Center. If so, announcements will be made at the show and you will need to pick up a pass from the information table or scan CCA’s parking QR code to your phone.

Parking will be available in the Peoria Civic Center’s main Marquee parking lot at the south side of the Civic Center and in the Fulton parking lot at the north side. Note that the Fulton lot is closer to side of the building where Obedience, Rally, and Scent Work events will be located.

Utility trailers and oversize vehicles must be parked in the Fulton lot.

See the  Driving Directions page on this website or the premium list or judging program, for directions.

Host Hotels Parking

The host hotels share a parking garage whose entrance is on Fulton Street across the street from the Civic Center. Parking here is restricted to hotel guests only. CCA hotel guests will be charged a discounted parking rate of $10 per day. The hotel parking garage height limit is 7’1”. Tall vehicles can park in the Civic Center’s Fulton Street parking lot nearest the hotels.

Loading Dock

Absolutely no parking is permitted in the Peoria Civic Center loading dock. Only temporary parking for purpose of unloading or loading is allowed. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed.