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CHF Health Testing

The Collie Health Foundation will offer the Wisdom Health Optimal Selection panel test. This is a swab collection for which the CHF Board has approved a large rebate for the first year of introduction of this test to our members. This collection clinic will be chaired by Dr. Casey Knox.

“Wisdom Health has developed a simple swab test that screens for multiple diseases and traits while also evaluating genetic diversity.” Tests that require gene sequencing are not available on this panel test like Dermatomyositis Risk Assessment and PRA Rod Cone Dysplasia Type 2. This test will replace the MDR1 and CEA collections since it’s part of the panel test. For more information please go to: or

Martha E. Hoffman CHIC DNA Banking Project

The Collie Health Foundation will offer a collection clinic at the National. It will be chaired by Dr. Nancy Kelso. More information will be available closer to the National. Please check the CHF website, and our Facebook page for additional information.