2025 Collie Club of America National logo
Smooche with her ribbons
Standing by the tree
Smooth tri male herding ducks
Rough sable herding sheep
Michael with Noah

Host Chair: Laura LaBounty – showchairs@collieclubofamericanational.org

Facility Chair: Candace Ardizzone – showchairs@collieclubofamericanational.org

Agility Chairs: Carol LaRiviere forecastcollies@yahoo.com and Doug Vohnoutka  adiameshelties@gmail.com

Agility Trial Secretary: Pawprint Trials noreen@pawprinttrials.com

Herding Chairs: Becky Tehon btehon@twcny.rr.com  and Leslie Butler White Leslie@whitemoorcollies.com

Herding Trial Secretary: info@raspberryridgesheepfarm.com

Obedience & Rally Chairs: Joni Primas Collielady375@aol.com  and Jen Hammond adiameshelties@gmail.com

Scent Work Chair: Not offered for 2025

Announcer: Bob Myers romyers@aol.com

Catalog Advertising: Laura LaBounty catalogads@collieclubofamericanational.org

Catalog Sales: Available through the website.

Chief Ring Steward: Cindy Weiner Robinson

Community Service Project: Lori Hachey serviceproject@collieclubofamericanational.org

Reserved Grooming: Bree Sulewski and Carrie Lenhart grooming@collieclubofamericanational.org

Judges Hospitality: Debbie Wyman debbiewyman614@icloud.com

Invitational: Jerry Sulewski and Kelley Reppert invitational@collieclubofamericanational.org

Logo Design: Phil Thomsen

Merchandise: Denise Reppert and Julie Lutz merchandise@collieclubofamericanational.org

Performance Dinner: Donna Darland perfdinner@collieclubofamericanational.org

Ring Décor: Lenise Adams donlen83@gmail.com  and Laura LaCongo  Laura@notorious.dog

Fundraising: Michelle Esch Brooks esch.michelle@yahoo.com

Reserved Seating: Cheryl Sulewski and Lenise Adams seating@collieclubofamericanational.org

RV Parking: Reservations go thru the Fairgrounds

State Baskets: Lori Hachey  statebaskets@collieclubofamericanational.org

Treasurer: 2025CollieNational@gmail.com

Trophies: Annette Rawlings and Kathy Drabik trophies@collieclubofamericanational.org

Trophy Sponsors Page: Annette Rawlings trophies@collieclubofamericanational.org

Vendors: Bree Sulewski  vendors@collieclubofamericanational.org

Welcome Party: TBD

Website Design: Joan Johnson