2023 Collie Club of America National logo
Smooche with her ribbons
Standing by the tree
Smooth tri male herding ducks
Rough sable herding sheep
Michael with Noah

Host Chair: Sue Webber

Host Co-Chair: Jean Framke

Agility Chairs: Beth Elliott & Laura Fearn

Agility Trial Secretary: Bob Olson

Herding Chairs: Laura Fearn & Beth Elliott

Herding Trial Secretary: Bob Olson

Obedience & Rally Chairs: Debra Janik & Carol Steiner

Scent Work Chair: Beth Elliott, Roxane Jourdain

Announcer: Bob Myers

Catalog Advertising: Chandra Flaim

Catalog Sales: Joan O’Connor & Dianne Trost

Chief Ring Steward: Isabel Ososki

Assistant Chief Ring Steward: Kate Long

Community Service Project: Patt Caldwell & Karen Soeder

Dog Bathing area: Jim Framke

Facilities: Show Executive Committee

Grooming: Jerry Sulewski & Bree Ardizzone-Sulewski

Hospitality – Peoria: Steve Finken & Lisa Finken

Judges Hospitality (Peoria): Pat Jung

Invitational: Heather Newcomb & Cindy Weiner- Robinson

Logo Design: Lenise Adams

Merchandise: Lenore Owens & Louise Palarik

Performance Dinner: Donna Darland

Ring & Bldg Décor: Kara Gossage & Braelyn Gossage

Raffles & Fundraising: Jennifer Weiner

  • Purina (Corporate): Robette Johns
  • Futurity (Invitational): Nancy Anstruther & Isabel Ososki

Reserved Seating: Cheryl Sulewski & Kathleen Krause

RV Parking: Bob Myers

State Baskets: Pat Toledano & Dianne Trost

Treasurer: Robette Johns

Treasurer Assistant: Karen Anderson

TrophyLenise Adams & Kara Gossage & Braelyn Gossage

Trophy Web Page: Steve Johns

Vendors: Kathy Zehetner & Suzanne Steiner

Welcome Party: Laura Rizzo

Website Design: Joan Johnson