2023 Collie Club of America National logo
Smooche with her ribbons
Standing by the tree
Smooth tri male herding ducks
Rough sable herding sheep
Michael with Noah

Host Chair: Robert Myers – romyers@aol.com

Host Co-Chairs: Janet Handy Hare Thepondchick@gmail.com & Laura Barnes Lbpetsitting@aol.com

Agility Show Chair: Bob Olson bob@rdolson.org

Agility Show Co-Chairs: Debbie Held fdheld5@comcast.net & Noreen Bennett noreen@pawprinttrials.com

Announcer: Linda Tefelski

Catalog Chair: Lisa Schmidt julepcollies@gmail.com

Catalog Co-Chair: Lily Russell marialrussell53@gmail.com

Catalog Advertising: Isabel Ososki silverthreadcollies@prodgy.net

Chief Ring Steward: Pam Eddy pe858@aol.com

Community Service:

COVID Committee: 

Day of Show Treasurer: 

Ex-Pen Rental Chairs: Robert Myers romyers@aol.com

Facility Chair: Susan Kaelin sckaelin@gmail.com

Facility Co-Chair: Pam Eddy pe858@aol.com

Grooming: Debbie Holland dholland@ticz.com

Herding Show Secretary: Joanne Silhanek

Herding Chairs: Kathy Magers dkmagers1223@gmail.com

Hospitality Chair: 

Hotel Liaison Chair: Mike Van Tassell, Cobblecreek@comcast.net

Judges’ Gifts:

Judges’ Hospitality: 

Media/Communication Chair – Laura LaBounty specialcollies@msn.com

Merchandise Chair: Alice Holm thegreatfuzzyone@yahoo.com

Obedience and Rally Chair: Jull Hansrote jill.hansrote.jh@gmail.com

Reserved Grooming Chair: Debbie Holland, grooming@collieclubofamericanational.org

Reserved Seating Chair: Katie Skilton-Redina kathrynskilton@gmail.com

Reserved Seating Co-Chair: Amanda Sullivan amandasullivan.net@gmail.com

Ring Décor Chair: Laura Zippay heartsdesire@pymtele.net

Ring Décor Co-Chair: Amanda Sullivan amandasullivan.net@gmail.com

RV Parking: Chair: Lori Jeff Greer, gypsyjeff@mac.com

Scooter Rental: Chair: Mike Van Tassell, Cobblecreek@comcast.net

State Baskets: Chair: Martha Skilton alexycollies@yahoo.com

State Baskets Co-Chair: Katie Skilton-Redina kathrynskilton@gmail.com

Top 20 Invitational: Nancy McDonald nancy@collieexpressions.com & Carrie Lenhart marnuscollies@gmail.com

Treasurer: Mike Esch

Trophy Chair: Pati Merrill patmer@aol.com

Trophy Co-Chair: Lydia Filzen LydiaFilzen@comcast.net

National Trophy Chair: Judith Pitt kitleigh3@aol.com

Vendors: Chair: Nancy Anstruther Tallywood@Telus.net

Vendor Co-Chair: Mary Landis rainbowcollies@gmail.com

Welcome Party & Bags Chair: Lisa & Steve Finken tapcoll@aol.com

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