2021 Collie Club of America National logo
Smooche with her ribbons
Standing by the tree
Smooth tri male herding ducks
Rough sable herding sheep
Michael with Noah

Host Chair: Mike Van Tassell – Cobblecreek@comcast.net

Host Co-Chair: Cindy Weiner-Robinson – Edenrockcollies@yahoo.com

Agility Chair: Erin Gorney, agility@collieclubofamericanational.org

Announcer: Bob Myers

Catalog Chair: Lily Russell, showcatalog@collieclubofamericanational.org

Catalog Advertising:

Chief Ring Steward: Pam Eddy

COVID Committee:

Day of Show Treasurer: Debbie Van Tassell

Day of Show Facility: Harry “Butch” Schulman

Ex-Pen Rental Chairs: Cindy Weiner-Robinson, Edenrockcollies@yahoo.com

Facility Chair: Harry “Butch” Schulman

Herding Chairs: Linda Holloway, herding@collieclubofamericanational.org

Hospitality Co-Chairs:

Hotel Liaison Chair: Mike Van Tassell, Cobblecreek@comcast.net

Invitation Chair: Roxanne Heit, invitational@collieclubofamericanational.org

Judges’ Gifts – Laura Weiss

Judges’ Hospitality:

Media/Communication Chair – Liza Dunkle – media@collieclubofamericanational.org

Merchandise Chair: Marion Darrow, merchandise@collieclubofamericanational.org

Obedience and Rally Chair: Ann Ferguson, obed-rally@collieclubofamericanational.org

Reserved Grooming Chair: Debbie Holland, grooming@collieclubofamericanational.org

Reserved Seating Chair: Larry & Nancy Parsons, seating@collieclubofamericanational.org

Ringside Décor: Chair – Debbie Van Tassell

RV Parking: Chair – Lori Jeff Greer, rv@collieclubofamericanational.org

Scooter Rental: Chair – Mike Van Tassell, Cobblecreek@comcast.net

State Baskets: Chairs – Nancy Mathis, cynclaircollies@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Mike Esch

Trophies: Chair: Brenda Knight, trophies@collieclubofamericanational.org

Vendors: Chair – Isabel Ososki, vendor@collieclubofamericanational.org

Welcome Party & Bags Chair – Jennifer Weiner, welcome@collieclubofamericanational.org

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Logo Design: Melinda Barber