2021 Collie Club of America National logo
Smooche with her ribbons
Standing by the tree
Smooth tri male herding ducks
Rough sable herding sheep
Michael with Noah

Host Chair: Robette Johns

Advertising/Communication Chair – Laura LaBounty

Agility Chair: Sally Mobraaten, DVM – Co-Chair, Susan Larson

Announcer: Bob Myers

Catalog Presale Chair: Melinda Sunnarborg; Co-Chair – Debbie Jack

Catalog Advertising: Chandra Flaim

Chief Ring Steward: Gayle Stepanik

COVID Committee: Cindy Weiner Robinson

Day of Show Treasurer: Judy Guthrie & Laura Rinard

Day of Show Facility: Chandra Flaim

Ex-Pen Rental Chairs: Debbie Jack Co-Chair – Tony Jack

Facility Chair: Robette Johns Co-Chair – Daniel Wheatcroft

Herding Co-chairs: Beth Elliot & Steve Johns

Hospitality Co-Chairs: Jeanette Poling & Gayle Kaye

Hotel Liaison Chair: Robette Johns

Invitation Chair: Heather Newcomb Co-Chair – Kelly Neeley

Judges’ Gifts – Jennifer Weiner

Judges’ Hospitality: Phyllis Autrey

Merchandise Chair: Laura Rinard Co-Chairs – Carol Brown & Jessica Wittman

Obedience and Rally Chair: Richella Veatch Co-Chair – Geri Cox & Shelley Burgstrauser

Reserved Grooming Chair: Jessica Wittman Co-Chair – Jennifer Tennison & Debbie Holland

Reserved Seating Chair: Karen Anderson     Co-Chair – Susan Hernquist

Ringside Décor: Chair – Jennifer Tennison Co-Chair – Jessica Wittman

RV Parking: Chair – Laurie Jeff Greer

Scooter Rental: Chair – Meredith Ponedel

State Baskets: Chairs – Frances Flaim

Treasurer: Mike Esch

Trophies: Chair: Candace Ardizzone – Co-Chair Karyn Convertini

Vendors: Chair – Brinda Chavez Co-Chair – Ed Chavez

Welcome Party & Bags Chair – Ginny White

Website Design: Joan Johnson

Logo Design: Diana Hiiesalu