2023 Collie Club of America National logo

This information will also be printed in the premium list.

  • We are making a comprehensive plan to address COVID-19 at the National in all areas. This plan will be posted and advertised upon its completion.
  • Food will be available for purchase daily from the food trucks and caterers.
  • The show site will be open at 6:00 am Tuesday through Sunday. All doors will be locked at 11:00 pm each night, Monday through Saturday.
  • Security will be provided in Event Center overnight. For dogs left in the building, all crates must be marked with the responsible party’s contact info.
  • The Collie Club of America advises all exhibitors that they are responsible for picking up after their dogs both inside and outside.
  • You have a responsibility to conduct yourselves in a manner that presents the sport of dogs and the Collie Breed in the very best light. Each and every time you appear in public with your dogs you have the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression.
  • Event Center at Archer is a non-smoking facility. No smoking within 25 feet of any entrance door. Please dispose of cigarette waste in provided containers!